W Design Finland is an online store founded in 2021, which offers high-quality and responsible design products and home accessories from Finnish designers and brands. The store is there for all those who want to make long lasting sustainable choices. W Design Finland loves natural materials and favors the principles of sustainable development. W Design Finland greatly values ​​craftsmanship and helps to highlight the great designers we can find in Finland! W Design Finland's partners have been carefully selected.

"Domesticity as well as responsible operations and excellent product quality are important values ​​of W Design Finland. The red thread of operations is to respond to the values ​​I can stand behind. I also strive to consume as responsibly as possible instead of disposing."

W Design Finland is a reliable, responsible and customer-oriented player. I want customers to know when they order durable and high-quality products.

Marja Wirenius, founder of W Design Finland




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